Use Telemarketing to test the Success of Your Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a relatively recent innovation and some argue that it is replacing other forms of advertising.
However, having a lot of Likes on Facebook isn’t a clear indicator of successful marketing.
You can use telemarketing to find out what kind of value your Business to Business postings have on social media and if they are generating leads.
1. Maintain your social media connections. Social media platforms are communication channels and can give telemarketers information to work with.
2. Use your social media sites to find out who has seen you. Sites like LinkedIn inform their users who else has viewed their page, and Facebook offers the option to see who clicked Likes and who your Fans are.
3. If an organization has shown an interest, look through their profiles for a business number, and, providing it isn’t TPS protected, call them.
Your conversation will then allow you to find out:
a. Why they took an interest in your profile. Just being Liked doesn’t mean that they are the type of people who are really interested in your Business to Business service. Only telemarketing will clarify this. You may need to go through several profiles to be able to make a judgment as to whether the social media connections are useful.
b. How interested they really are, and how long it will take to generate new business. Your discussion will allow you to judge whether the social media connections that you are making reflect your usual telemarketing results and whether they are generating new leads.

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