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Rapport is Everything in Telemarketing

There are some people in this world that are blessed with the gift of instantly building rapport with others, and some that find it difficult. In truth it’s not that simple even face to face and building rapport over the telephone can be more challenging.

Building a rapport is always a crucial part of any kind of communication, especially in telemarketing. It has been proven that you can actually lose a prospect by generating the wrong tone in your voice or by the wrong introduction at the start of the call. Therefore creating annoyance and putting the contact in a bad mood.

If appearances is the main key to face-to-face sales, then tone of voice is the main factor over the telephone. Because your prospect can not see you, you need to find a way to present yourself as if you’re talking to him in person. Building a successful rapport when telemarketing is all about communicating naturally and letting your conversation flow as smoothly as possible.

Telemarketing pic may 2016

Some tips on building rapport when telemarketing

·         Call them by their names. It gives the conversation a more personal and lighter tone.

·         Put a smile on your voice. Smiles are not only seen but are also felt. A smiling voice is more responsive and sincere.

·         Be friendly. This is a must and should be done genuinely. Show interest on your caller’s conversation as well as sharing laughter when the opportunity arises.

·         Speak from the heart. This will make difficult conversations easier to deal with.

·         Avoid speaking too fast. This can cause difficulty and annoyance to the person on the other line.

·         Do not argue with a angry prospect. This will only make things worse and create more ill feeling.


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