The Two Sides of Telemarketing

Like many industries telemarketing has two distinct reputations, a bad one and a professional one.

  • Version 1 – Annoying automated callers, foreign based call centers and canvassers that cannot move away from their scripts, regularly associated with scams. It is this image that has many consumers wanting a tightening of the rules governing the telemarketing industry and urging a crackdown on scammers and cold calling.
  • Version 2 – Professional telemarketers who are increasingly focused on the Business to Business markets. Even with the internet many business people do not have the time and inclination to look up business information themselves.  A professional telemarketing campaign, carried out correctly, can and does raise the profile of services and the products available. It can build a successful working relationship between supplier and customer. Very few sales are completed without a verbal exchange of information and a telephone conversation is usually the method used.

These two versions form the complete picture of the telemarketing industry. Used incorrectly telemarketing can seem to be a nuisance. A telemarketing campaign conducted in the correct manner in line with the marketing regulations can promote your business in a professional and positive light.

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