New Sponsor for MDS Racing Stock Car

MDS Tele-Services and MDS Courier Services now have a joint venture racing a V8 Stock Car.

Dave Sharp is in his first season racing a V8 engined BRISCA V8 Hotstox stock car on both shale and tarmac circuits around the country.

At 62yrs old he is the oldest driver in the V8 stock car formula.

Stock car meetings are held at venues such as Skegness, Stoke, Kings Lynn, Birmingham and Great Yarmouth and tend to be family events for both competitors and spectators. Many drivers are 2nd and 3rd generation from families where fathers and grandfathers have raced. Under 16 yr olds start in ministox and working their way up to the larger formats but Dave is a little different, never having raced before but he has been a spectator from childhood. “I always enjoyed watching and fancied giving it a go before it got too late” said Dave.

Not only is Dave one of the oldest drivers he is also the only driver to have an all female pit crew. Wife Marilyn and daughter Teresa regularly assist him at meetings to refuel the car change wheels and generally assist where they can.

Recently Laurence Child of Jalapeno Business Services signed up as our first sponsor and we are proud to carry his decals on the rear of our car, his business details can be found at

The cars are graded by the number of points scored over each grading period white being the lowest then yellow, blue , red and super star. Dave is currently 3rd in the white and yellow grade championship and came 13th in the British Championship held at Kings Lynn on the 22nd July. He has now qualified for the World Final on the 24th September 2017 which is being held at Buxton Raceway. “I am very happy to have qualified for the world final especially as this is our first season racing” says Dave.

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